Your gift will save the life of a sick, injured or orphaned wild animal

Wild animals like Buckley, a very sweet porcupine who'd been hit by a car, have no one to help them, no one on their side. But you can step in and fill that gap! Your generous gift provides food, medicine, shelter, and x-rays for animals who would otherwise be forgotten and ignored.

This year more animals than ever were in need of medical care, and next year there will be even more. Northland wildlife needs you to be their voice, their hero, and their advocate.

Right now is the best time to give because your gift not only doubles because of a 1-to-1 matching grant, but through November 16th every gift is an entry for our wildlife to benefit from additional cash prizes!

To meet the $15,000 matching grant, our wild neighbors need:
  • 15 heroes to give $250
  • 45 defenders to give $100
  • 70 friends to give $50
  • and 130 advocates to give just $25
You are needed by thousands of sick, injured and orphaned wild animals who have no one to fight for them. Be a hero today and please consider giving right now.
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