We focus on developing critical thinking skills so people can analyze situations, solve problems, make decisions & implement with results.

Our project, the WHITE DOVE GIRLS SCHOOL, offers girls a career-preparatory, skills Development education, with a focus on computer science.This school has become the heart of a larger community and economic development plan that could model best practices for the entire nation. The school is open to disadvantaged girlswho are being recruited, and supported through scholarships and sponsorships.

The Need?

The genocide had a severe negative impact on Rwanda’s education system, which is beginning to be reversed, but large gaps still exist in secondary, or high school, education, especially for girls. 

The cost of education is a significant barrier for many students. We will help students in need overcome this obstacle by soliciting sponsorships and offering scholarships.

Why Now?

The White Dove Girls' School is complimentary to President Kagame‘s "Rwanda Vision 2020", developed by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning in 2000. The plan includes two important priorities relative to the White Dove plan. They are the importance of gender equity and the importance of education:

“In order to achieve gender equality and equity, Rwanda will continuously update and adapt its laws on gender. It will support education for all, eradicate all forms of discrimination, fight against poverty and practice a positive discrimination policy in favour of women. Gender will be integrated as a cross-cutting issue in all development policies and strategies.”

- Rwanda Vision 2020

The cost of education is the primary obstacle for many students. We help students in need overcome this obstacle by soliciting sponsorships and offering scholarships.

Rwanda has recently increased the provision of primary education to be more in line with several other countries in the region.  However, the high school sector is still small and the gap in state provision is being filled slowly and inconsistently by private schools.  In some areas, 44 percent of high schools are private. Annual tuition is roughly $300 and does not include boarding, supplies and uniforms, costing as much as an additional $270 per year.

To put these expenses into context, the average annual income for a rural family can be as little as $40 USD in this 80 percent agrarian society.  In many poor villages, transactions have regressed to bartering, with hard currency rarely seen let alone used.  Most farmers are unfamiliar with bank notes larger than 100 Rwandan Francs (.20 cents).  Thus, private education costing upwards of $520 a year is beyond the reach of all but the most privileged Rwandans.   

White Dove Girls School is a private school but welcomes orphans and other girls who can’t afford the full tuition. In our first two years of operation, 2013 & 2014, all of our 21 students were on full scholarship.  In 2015, we added our first tuition paying students and we now have 35 girls and plan to grow to 100 or more in 2016 in three classes in our larger campus.  We are now fully accredited by the Workforce Development Authority in Rwanda.

Why Focus on Girls and Young Women?

Women and girls are often regarded as harder workers, trustworthy, and by default, managers of what money the family may have. Women are often the spiritual leaders in their families as well. Girls and women who are educated at a higher level will be empowered to make better decisions,
achieve higher goals, provide more for their families, and contribute to Rwanda’s continued recovery and success for generations to come. 

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