Hard to believe. . . free, anonymous, no-appointment-needed counseling. No paperwork or red tape. Just a listening ear!

Who are we? 

In 1969 a young psychologist offered a radical thought to a peer group:  Let's start a free, walk-in counseling center.  Little did that handful of committed young professionals know that they were starting the FIRST WALK-IN COUNSELING CENTER IN THE WORLD. And the mission and practice model born that day remains to this day:  free, anonymous, no-appointment walk-in services for anyone who needs us.

Since then Walk-In Counseling Center has helped tens of thousands of people cope with and heal emotionally from difficult personal, family and social problems.  And for us, no problem is too big or too small.  Amazing change can happen at the client's "right time." 

One of the unique aspects of Walk-In's model is that the services are provided by highly trained professionals who volunteer their time. . . people with masters and PhD's in social work, psychology and marriage and family counseling, and advanced graduate students in these fields. 

Each year some 180 volunteers provide 15,000 hours of service valued at $900,000.  We estimate that over our 46 years of service our professional volunteers have provided services to the community valued at more than $21 million. 

In addition, our training and consultation to other helping professionals and organizations in the community helps others manage difficult situations and improves the quality of health care community-wide.   

Who do we serve?

Who comes to Walk-In? Anyone who has an emotional or interpersonal problem (or cares about someone who does) and wants help.

Mary H., a 20-year Walk-In volunteer described her work here:   

“I have seen gay, lesbian, straight and transgender individuals. I saw a doctor when she reached crises in her life and didn't want counseling to affect her malpractice insurance.  I have seen high profile business people and politicians who needed complete anonymity; I have seen the mother of a transgender male, prostitutes, teachers, housewives, illegal immigrants; a Somali man who watched his father and brother murdered; people who are chemically dependent;  individuals, couples, and families; people with serious and persistent mental illness; and those just wanting to enrich their lives.”

In other words. . . anyone age 15 and up; people of different ethnicities, gender and sexual identities are welcome. 

Our services are available every weekday.  Clinics are located in Minneapolis and St. Paul.  No proof of identity is required.  Clients can remain anonymous if they choose.  After the first walk-in visit appointments are available. 

We are able to serve Spanish-speaking people by appointment in Minneapolis and as walk-in clients at our Neighborhood House (St. Paul) location. 

Why should you support Walk-In?

Even with the recent changes in healthcare, Walk-In continues to be badly needed by thousands of people who still struggle to access affordable care.  Some people are not eligible for insurance, have lost insurance, or have it but the cost of premiums + deductibles + co-pays makes using insurance impractical and un-affordable.  Plus "personal counseling" becomes a lower priority than food, medicine or child health care. And when a person is in crisis, or when they finally find the courage to seek help, they can’t wait weeks or months for an appointment.  Walk-In’s four sites, one in Minneapolis and three in St. Paul, ensure access every weekday. 

Walk-In is funded almost entirely by philanthropic grants and donations from individuals and families - people like you who, perhaps, have struggled and know what it's like; who have loved ones who need help; or who simply believe in our mission. . . that emotional and mental health should be a right--not a privilege--for everyone! 

Every dollar you donate helps keep our services FREE to people who are hurting and need us badly. 

 And right now a generous donor has offered a 1:1 match for gifts by new donors, returning donors, and current donors who decide to increase their gift this year.

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