Voyageurs National Park Association

You can make a difference today for the future of Voyageurs National Park!

Voyageurs National Park Association helped secure National Park designation for Voyageurs in 1975. Today, we serve as its nonprofit partner. By giving, you will join a community of people who love the park and care for its ongoing stewardship.

Together, we work to enhance the visitor experience, share the park with new audiences, and protect Voyageurs for future generations. The financial support, passion, and hard work of people like you have a huge impact. Here are just a few examples of what is possible for us to do with your gift:

•  Support a multi-year wetland restoration effort which will remove invasive cattails to allow wild rice and critical wildlife habitat to return.
•  Improve visitor education and restore historic sites in the park, such as the Ellsworth Rock Gardens.
•  Improve visitor access and safety at the Kettle Falls Overlook.
•  Recruit volunteers and raise funds to enhance trail and water access.
•  Inspire the next generation by connecting Minnesota students to the park through classroom presentations and field trips, and empowering National Park Teen Ambassadors.
•  Serve as a voice for the park, educate our elected officials, broaden public awareness, and partner with local and national organizations to ensure Voyageurs has necessary resources and protections.

Please give today or learn more at Thank you!

Your tax-deductible gift of any amount is deeply appreciated and includes a year membership with VNPA. Donate today to support recreation and conservation projects, expand outreach and education, and protect Voyageurs’ lands, waters, wildlife and starry skies.

And, if you're in the Twin Cities metro area, join us on November 16 at Bauhaus Brew Labs for Pints for the Park Night! Details at

More about Voyageurs National Park:

Voyageurs is one of Minnesota's hidden gems, rich in history and beauty. The National Park's 55-mile northern boundary is the international border between the U.S. and Canada. This includes an important segment of the "transcontinental highway" traversed by French-Canadian voyageurs during the late 1700s and early 1800s.

Today, the park features incredible fishing and wildlife viewing opportunities. In the summer, visitors explore by boat, take a guided tour, or paddle and hike deep into the wilderness. The park's most unique features include the Kettle Falls Hotel, Ojibwe Ethnobotanical Garden and the Ellsworth Rock Gardens. During the winter, you can even have the unique experience of driving the park's famous ice roads.  

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