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Bring Music and Art to our Schools & Community!

Viva Musica has donated more than 100k worth of musical instruments and art supplies to schools and community art programs.  Our programs provide students, classrooms, teachers, and schools with the tools they need to succeed. New to our programming are Music Symposiums (ted-talks style presentations) that educate students on the many important ways music impacts us though our entire lives. Recently, we have started providing schools and local communities with art workshops. These workshops allow all ages to learn how to participate and appreciate art at no cost.
The need we help service is growing, and we are so happy to help. We believe that our hard work brings color and happiness to the world.

Please support us by donating today!

P.S. We are in the running to bring 10 weeks of FREE LIVE music to our community! Please take 2 minutes and vote for music in the park next summer.  https://grant.levittamp.org/single/?id=59d2b4870ad1a400044eaea5

Thank you :)

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