Vital Aging Network

Helping people remain relevant, use their skills and make a contribution throughout life.

Founded in 2001, the Vital Aging Network (VAN) works to promote self-determination, civic engagement, and personal growth for people as they age. We achieve those goals by providing education, leadership development, and opportunities for connection.

VAN provides avenues for you to:

Learn. Keep up with what is going on in the world, add to your knowledge about vital aging, or just experience the joy of learning. VAN provides opportunities to share your wisdom and learn from others at in-person and online forums, and in classroom experiences.

Engage. Staying connected is key to vital aging. The best way to connect is to get involved. VAN helps you learn about ways to be an active part of your community. The connections you find through VAN will add depth and dimension to your life and add value in your community.

Lead. We all share responsibility for fostering environments in which people thrive, promoting harmony with nature, and acting with a sense of accountability. One way to focus your leadership on the common good is to participate in VAN’s Evolve: Re-igniting Self & Community, a program specifically geared towards developing 50+ civic leaders.

Vital aging is a lifelong process of achieving potential, creating meaning, and enriching life through contributions and connections in community.

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