Ujamaa Place is a culturally centric organization focused on young men who suffer multiple barriers to becoming stable.

Our mission is to empower young Black men (ages 18-30) to redefine their concepts of themselves, manhood, success and positive community values.  Located in St. Paul, Minnesota, Ujamaa Place offers these young men success in their lives through education and skills training specifically aimed at turning their lives around to become productive members of their families and communities.

Ujamaa Place is not a holding place, but a place of new beginnings and transition. Graduates continue to successfully hold jobs and are enrolled in education, employment, job training programs, housing, health and behavior therapy,  in which they gain the skills necessary to secure and maintain high skills and living wages  jobs with benefits and strong family and community relationships.

"Ujamaa Place is focused on public policy advocacy to bring change to a criminal justice system that places unreasonable and unjust barriers on our Ujamaa men"
~Otis Zanders
CEO Ujamaa Place

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