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Safety. Hope. Healing.

For 40 years, Tubman has helped people in trauma to find safety, hope, and healing

That trauma may be from relationship violence, sexual assault or exploitation, elder abuse, addiction, mental health challenges, or other causes. Tubman serves people of all ages and genders, and provides countless ways to help, including:

  • A 24-hour crisis and resource phone line to connect people with trained advocates
  • Emergency shelter in Minneapolis and Maplewood for people of all genders experiencing relationship violence
  • Safe housing and support for youth and young adults who have experienced violence and exploitation
  • Legal help, including assistance with Orders for Protection, court advocacy, advice or representation on family law issues, and self-representation clinics to help people prepare for court
  • Mental and chemical health services, including therapy programs, chemical health assessments, individual and group counseling, and a program for men and women who have used violence in relationships
  • Youth outreach and advocacy, case management, violence prevention programs, and a drop-in center for homeless youth
  • Workshops and supportive services for people with educational, financial, or employment goals
  • Community education, presentations and trainings for professionals and organizations that want to learn more about issues of violence, exploitation, and trauma.

Named after Harriet Tubman, we are inspired by her life and her personal motto to "Keep going." With your help, people in trauma keep going forward in their own lives and find the safety, hope, and healing they need.

Former Agency Names: Tubman Family Alliance; Chrysalis, A Center for Women; Harriet Tubman Center; Family Violence Network; ElderCare Rights Alliance

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