Theresa Living Center

Helping women and single-parent families move from homelessness to stability and self-sufficiency

Theresa Living Center believe that each woman has the strength to make positive life changes to become self-sufficient—and they show us that strength every day.

"We were homeless for a long time—we moved all over the place, and my two teenagers had to change schools a lot. Theresa Living Center helped us move into an apartment, and I got a job to pay my part of the rent. The best part of all is that my kids were able to settle into one school and now they’ve got college scholarships! I can’t tell you what this means to me—to know they’re on a track to success. I’m so proud of them! And it’s all thanks to Theresa Living Center!—Tamara

Update 2017: Theres Living Center is now expanding both of its programs to help more women and children—including the addition of four more rooms in our Residential Program and adding six more families to our Caroline Family Services program. 

About Theresa Living Center

We provide transitional housing, rapid re-housing, and support services to women and single-parent families who are striving to move from homelessness to self-sufficiency.

Our Residential Program on St. Paul's east side provides housing for 12 women who are single, pregnant, or with child under the age of one year. We provide case management services to help them work towards self-sufficiency—including access to affordable housing, transportation, counseling and medical care, job training and employment opportunities, and information and referrals. Participants may stay in the program for up to two years.

Caroline Family Services provides case management services and rental assistance to 24 single-parent families and their children living in their own apartments in Ramsey County. These families usually consist of two or ore children (of any age), and program services—similar to those in the Residential Program—are provided for up to two years.

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