Saint Anthony Park Elementary nurtures intelligent, well-rounded, community leaders. Donate to the Saint Anthony Park School Association.

Saint Anthony Park Elementary is a neighborhood K-5 elementary school that provides a well-rounded, quality education that guides each child to become a lifelong learner and global citizen.  Our vision is to join together as a community of teachers, students, families, within our neighborhood community to create a welcoming, respectful and caring environment where all learners are challenged, motivated and successful.  Our school is infused with community spirit and the belief that working together can lead to great accomplishments.

Our school prides itself for its excellence and diversity as well as its focus on environmental education and stewardship, varied after-school opportunities, and strong community support and involvement.  Our multicultural student population boasts high test scores and many gifted and talented students and a strong enrichment program.  We infuse students with a sense of environmental responsibility through our on-campus native prairie and peace gardens as well as a multi-year environmental stewardship program including trips to Belwin Nature Center, Camp St. Croix, and Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center.  After-school opportunities are diverse, including languages, theater, science, arts, gymnastics, chess, math, and geography as well as Discovery Club and Destination ImagiNation.  Community involvement is what makes our school one of the best in the region.  Our community begins with our amazing teachers, but active involvement of parents, teachers, local university students, and the broader community in student learning means that the student-to-adult ratio experienced by our students is excellent. 


Saint Anthony Park School Association  (SAPSA) provides funds for many of the activities that shape and maintain our school community and deepen our children’s education. 

  • SAPSA supports the fall festival, the spring carnival, and the annual talent show that bring parents, teachers, and students together for fun and community building. 
  • SAPSA also supports programs including the artist in residence program that partners the school with community arts organizations to involve students directly in creation of art with local artists.  Past partnerships have included puppets and theatre, creative writing, poetry and bookmaking, West African and Hip Hop dance, and digital photography. 
  • SAPSA funds also provide students with field trips, art and music supplies, library books and shelves, physical fitness awards, enrichment classes, support for the school patrol, and classroom grants for teachers. 
  • SAPSA is critical for the vigor of our school community.


Please donate to SAPSA today to sustain the exceptional educational environment at Saint Anthony Park Elementary School.  All SAPSA funds go to our students and programs to support the learning of tomorrow’s community leaders. 

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