The Center for International Education


The Mission
Our mission is to bring the arts and sciences of our time to audiences everywhere through multimedia, multicultural activities.
Our activities are divided into three parts: teaching artist residencies, photographic projects, and video production.
The Immediate Future
Your donations will support our work in progress. Projects include a photo workshop at Peace House where people will document their lives with an eye on education and change; a book of photographs and poems titled Small Wonders; and a video documentary about the Anishinaabe artist Robert Kakaygeesick which will be created with students at Warroad High School.  

Since 1972, The Center has been creating a wide and diverse range of cultural work from live performances in theaters and parks to art exhibitions and installations in museums and galleries, libraries and other public spaces to television broadcast.
We have pioneered the unusual, from production of videos with blind students at Minnesota State Academy for the Blind to national TV broadcasts to pop up art shows in drug stores and farmers markets to photo shows with immigrant students on line and in libraries that are cued with QR codes to web presences.
Notably, The Center has produced seven documentaries directed by Mike Hazard that have been nationally telecast on PBS and 186 videos that play on YouTube. You can watch our videos here.
The Organization
The Center is a lean and meaningful micro-nonprofit with only one regular employee, Mike Hazard, and a lively board of directors. We contract with many talented individuals and collaborate with many organizations to execute each special project with panache.
Our accounting is provided by Clarity Bookkeeping.
To learn more, visit our website.

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