Young people don't have to do it alone. Let's keep them safe.

Adolescent depression is increasing at an alarming rate, with as many as one in five teens suffering from clinical depression. Our community is no exception.

This Spring, MoveFwd is launching a special campaign so we can increase the number of mental health professionals in our schools. By adding more free and confidential counseling, Our Community, Our Youth campaign will give students greater access to mental health support. Your support and partnership in Our Community, Our Youth will give our youth the response they need.

  • Kim, 14, struggles with daily panic attacks and must leave class several times a day. 
  • Mason, 17, lost a classmate to suicide and doesn’t know how to cope with the hurt and anger. 
  • Julie, 19, lacks motivation and has started sleeping more, eating less, and missing work. 
These young people all come from different walks of life but have something in common. Each faces great pressures and mental health challenges, and our response needs to be greater.

We’ve been in our schools for more than 28 years. This school year, MoveFwd has helped nearly 100 young people cope with anxiety, depression, peer and family conflict, and substance abuse. But we can reach more.

Since 1990, MoveFwd (formerly Teens Alone) counselors have helped more than 7,000 of our community’s young adults and their families. We take our commitment seriously. We are a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL service providing quick turnaround by a professional and knowledgeable staff. We will be there for teens and young adults (12-24) who need mental health support and/or who are homeless or at imminent risk of becoming homeless, because we know that young people and their families can become strong and resilient when they receive the support they need.

MoveFwd offers:
  • Masters-level counselors who provide no cost, barrier-free counseling for struggling young people and families
  • School-based counseling and support groups
  • Ongoing case management and re-housing options to help youth establish a safe home
  • A Drop-in Center serving homeless and runaway youth through immediate, face-to-face troubleshooting, case management and counseling
  • A scattered site housing program that houses homeless young adults, provides rental assistance, and weekly case management support

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