Tasks Unlimited provides supported employment, housing & recovery services for adults with serious and persistent mental illness.

"I have been able to hold my job down for over two years now. Before Tasks Unlimited, I couldn't hold a job longer than a year."
— Tasks Client

Tasks Unlimited provides supported employment, housing and mental health services for people with serious and persistent mental illness (SPMI). Our mission to to empower our clients so they can achieve a full life with the same rights and responsibilities as any adult in our society. Peer supported housing and employment is the backbone of our program. 

Approximately 50% of clients entering Tasks have never held the same job for longer than a year prior to their experience at Tasks and approximately 35% have never lived independently more than 6 consecutive months prior to Tasks.  

Tasks clients, however, enjoy housing stability and employment security that is unparalleled in the SPMI community. Tasks clients earn on average $9.50 per hour and work on average 20 hours per week. Approximately 20% of clients work full-time and have given up receiving disability benefits. The combination of stable housing, gainful employment and peer support results in a hospital recidivism rate of almost zero. 

Living. Working. Achieving.  It's our mission, the mission of our clients, and the mission of all those that support us financially. And it is a reality for so many who are able to be involved and supported by the evidence-based work of Tasks.  We hope you will join us in supporting that work and advancing that mission!

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