In 2017 give something more valuable than money....TIME!!

This year for Give to the Max Day Swandive wants you to donate your time. We're looking for 5 new, awesome, excited board members to join our team! If you're interested please visit our website (swandivetheatre.net) and fill out the (super) short survey. Of course if you're unable to donate your time, we'll gladly accept your money! Everything we raise today goes to the actors working on our next show. 

Swandive is committed to producing work that incites your imagination. Like the story that brought Meg and Damon (founders) here to the Twin Cities - our work is about leaping and trusting that what you've built will carry you through. Our shows take big bold risks, and tell big bold stories. These stories are always about people who our audiences can identify with - like the fear of losing a loved one (Anna in The Baltimore Waltz), or the desire to hide away from the world (Ed in Five Flights), or the need to confront the impossible (Elizabeth in Defying Gravity), or grappling with the loss of your entire world (Martha Washington in An Outopia for Pigeons). 

As we enter 2018 we're still committed to working closely with new playwrights to workshop, develop and produce new scripts. We'll continue this with our next Living Room Tour featuring a brand new script by local playwright Sam Graber. Followed by Justin Maxwell's The Canopic Jar of Our Sins. 

New works, new playwrights, new artists, new board members. These are the things that get us excited! Come get excited with us!



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