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STLF's mission is to reveal leadership through service, relationships, and action.

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Every organization, every movement, and every solution begins with a simple idea. The idea that became Students Today Leaders Forever grew out of an inspired conversation with four wide-eyed college freshmen who were just crazy enough to believe that young people can change the world…

CREATED BY YOUTH. STLF believes that young people can make a difference today! Founded as a student group by four college freshmen in 2003, STLF has contributed 396,000+ hours of direct service around the nation.

We’re best known for our Pay it Forward Tour — a community service road trip that combines travel, service, reflection, and friendship. Pay It Forward Tours, High School Leadership Camps, and numerous leadership trainings for student volunteers all provide students ongoing and highly meaningful leadership experiences.

DRIVEN BY YOUTH. Today, hundreds of young people volunteer to make incredible experiences happen for youth all around the country. Each STLF program is organized and facilitated by teams of students working together in collective leadership.

This year alone, STLF's small eight-person staff will work with 500 student volunteer leaders to organize programs for 3,000 youth.

BECAUSE OF YOUTH. STLF is all about believing in the possibilities of youth—our voice, our dreams, our actions to make incredible things happen in the world. Because of the leadership of students, STLF has accomplished:

  - 788 Pay it Forward Tours

  - 30,375 student participants

  - Service in 49 states

  - Over 431,000 direct service hours to communities

JOIN US. CHANGE THE WORLD. STLF programs provide meaningful leadership experience and encourage students to become catalysts for positive change in their own lives, schools, and communities, generating a lasting commitment to ‘pay it forward.’ Help make this possible for more youth with a donation to STLF today!

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UNDERSTANDING YOUR IMPACT. STLF is successful because of a sustainable and scalable financial model, along with a growing and committed community of supporters like you.  While program service revenues fund direct program costs, there are four areas where we need your help and support:

  • Financial Aid - Access to All: STLF is committed to increasing access to its programs for all youth.  STLF's Financial Aid Fund provides incredible life experiences for young people who could not otherwise afford it.
  • Leadership Training - Led by Students: All STLF programs are carried out by college student volunteer leaders. Numerous Leadership Trainings throughout the year ensure they are prepared with the skills, knowledge, and support to be successful and for programs to be high quality and consistent.
  • Expansion: Over the next five years, STLF will continue to strengthen and grow our Midwest presence, and build capacity to expand nationally.
  • Supporting our staff and keeping the lights on: Like all organizations, STLF needs to pay the bills, keep the doors open, and invest in processes that helps us be successful in the long term.  Priorities include supporting our incredible staff with sufficient salaries and health insurance, improving technology and systems, general office expenses, and building capacity as a growing nonprofit.


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