St. Stephen's Human Services

Our mission is ending homelessness. $45,000 Challenge Grant for GTMD!

*UPDATE: We are so inspired by your support of St. Stephen's this Give to the Max Day! We have surpassed our initial goal of raising $45,000 to unlock $45,000 in matching funds, and then our second goal of raising $60,000!*

The mission of St. Stephen's Human Services is Ending Homelessness. We progress toward this goal through a range of effective emergency services, shelter and housing programs for individuals and families. We implement innovative strategies and engage our neighbors in collaborations to make progress toward becoming a community in which housing instability is rare, brief and non-recurring.

Over the past year, St. Stephen's has provided a continuum of services for 4,083 adults, youth and children experiencing homelessness. Key programs include street outreach, shelter and housing programs. 

You may be most familiar with our Street Outreach team. This team seeks out people who are living on the streets, under bridges, in camps or in places not fit for human habitation. The team meets immediate basic needs for safety and survival outside, while building trust and relationships on the way to long-term solutions.

Our shelters are often the first place where people find the safety, stability, and support needed to break the cycle of homelessness. Serving 95 men and women per night, the two St. Stephen's shelters operate year-round. 

St. Stephen's housing programs offer people experiencing homelessness the range of support they need to stabilize their lives using the Housing First approach. As the name indicates, this strategy moves people into stable housing first. Once this basic need is met, we work with families and individuals to address other challenges they are facing. We offer support to keep people in housing and avoid a return to homelessness. 

St. Stephen's Community Engagement program works to raise awareness and inspire systems change. Key community engagement touch points include our popular "A Day in the Life" program, the zAmya Theater Project (removing barriers to theater arts by engaging people who have experienced homelessness in acting workshops and public performances) and our newly energized advocacy arm, "Advocacy in ACTion." 

St. Stephen's attacks homelessness from all angles - preventing, interrupting, and ending homelessness.

Thank you for your partnership and your commitment to ending homelessness. 

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