The St. Paul & Ramsey County Domestic Abuse Intervention Project

Each year, SPIP provides direct services for over 5,800 victims of domestic violence (and their children).

Dear SPIP Advocates,

Thank you (all of you) for helping protect my babies and myself.  You were the sunlight in my darkest hours…  My breath when I could not breathe.


***The Saint Paul & Ramsey County Domestic Abuse Intervention Project (SPIP) is the only program in Saint Paul that reaches out to victims during the initial crisis***

SPIP exists to eliminate domestic violence against women and their children, and the social and systems responses that condone or allow its oppression.

SPIP believes that no one has the right to abuse anyone and no one deserves to be abused regardless of gender, race, economic background, age, abilities, sexual orientation or spiritual beliefs.  Since 1984, SPIP has provided crisis intervention, direct advocacy and critical transitional services to battered women and their children.  Annually, over 5,700 victims (and their children) receive multi-lingual/culturally competent services through our agency and 9,000 more receive assistance on our 24-hour crisis line.  The St. Paul Intervention Project serves all victims of domestic abuse, regardless if they are in or wish to continue the relationship, have left the relationship or are in the process of leaving.  Our following programs and services are confidential, free of charge and available in English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Hmong, Somali and Basic Sign.  

Acute Intervention Program- Provides crisis intervention, support, advocacy and increased protection for victims immediately following an assault and throughout the entire legal process;

System Advocacy Program- Works effectively with each arm of the justice system to improve the coordinated response to domestic violence (i.e. FLARE-UP, Blue Print for Safety, etc.);

Hospital/Clinic Program- Partners with the medical community to educate healthcare staff and ensure patients who are deliberately abused receive intervention, services and protection;

Latino, Immigrant and Refugee Family Violence Program- Addresses the unique needs of these victims through culturally competent services;

Transitional Program- Addresses the essential short- and long-term needs of victims and their children, ranging from housing and clothing to counseling and financial assistance;

Children & Adolescent Services- Focuses on providing advocacy and resources to children from abusive homes and adolescent victims of dating violence; 

Muslim Battered Women’s Program- Partners with the St. Paul Police and community to ensure Muslim battered women have access to the critical services they need;

Outreach to the Southeast Asian Community- Builds a conduit for Southeast Asian victims to receive protection and have their crucial long- and short-term needs met;

Older Battered Women’s Program- Addresses the unique safety, emotional, advocacy, economic and medical needs of older victims of domestic abuse;

Crisis-Line- Provides 24-hour crisis support to victims of domestic violence;

Bridges to Safety- SPIP is a lead partner and fiscal agent in the provision of government and community-based services to victims of abuse in a secure centralized location;

Outreach, Education and Prevention Works in the community to ensure services are available to all victims, particularly those with increased barriers to accessing help.

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