The Spokesman-Recorder 501 (c) (3) is the nonprofit arm of Minnesota's oldest Black publication, the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder (MSR).

Recognizing that strong communities need to focus on education, the executive staff at the MSR launched the Spokesman-Recorder non-profit to undertake educational programs and projects that contribute to the betterment of African Americans and other communities of color in our state.   

With the annual Graduation Celebration and the monthly Sister Spokesman events, the non-profit arm of the MSR seeks to address two problem areas in the community: the education gap between Black students and the majority White population in Minnesota, and the need for more networking, social and educational spaces for women of color in the Twin Cities.

Graduation Celebration - For 22 years, the MSR and its supporters have held the Graduation Celebration. Through this celebration, the Spokesman-Recorder publicly acknowledge African and African American high school graduates for their achievements. Students submit essays reflecting on their experiences in school and the people in their lives who've helped them along the way. Selected essay-winners are awarded a Cecil E. Newman Scholarship, a scholarship to help them with educational expenses as they continue their journey from high school to post-secondary education.

Young people in our community need inspiration, encouragement, support and role models from people other than their parents or teachers when it comes to understanding the value of education and the choices it affords them. Your financial support will help us ensure that this event continues to give young adults and their families the recognition and the encouragement so vital to their continued success and well-being.

Sister Spokesman - Sister Spokesman aims to address the often expressed need for opportunities for African American women and other women of color in the Twin Cities region to gather together, educate themselves on the issues facing them and their community and better themselves through networking and exploring a wide range of topics.

We invite you to invest and participate in the activities and programs that Sister Spokesman members host to accomplish our mission. Every month, for 11 years, more than 100 women converge to spend the afternoon celebrating our contributions to the Twin Cities. The afternoon is focused on forming and nurturing relationships, welcoming newcomers, and learning more about the many issues that face them in their lives, as well as connecting them with needed resources.

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