Southwest Initiative Foundation

Empower. Grow. Connect. Invest. These are words donors and partners use to describe our work.

It’s been 30+ years since we were founded by The McKnight Foundation. In that time, we’ve become a trusted partner and regional leader. Simply put, we work hard to make southwest Minnesota a great place.

Our work is possible only because of generous support from the people, businesses and organizations that care about southwest Minnesota. 

Thank you!

A Commitment to Our Kids

In 2016, we adopted a new focus to help all southwest Minnesota kids succeed. Today, 11,000—more than one in six—southwest Minnesota kids lives in poverty. These kids are our future employees, entrepreneurs, community leaders, homeowners, volunteers and taxpayers. We’re calling this work Grow Our Own and invite you to get involved today!

What We Do

  • Grow Our Own – We're leading a regional effort to support all our kids, from cradle to career.
  • Business Development – We do business lending and training to help entrepreneurs and employers start, expand and transition their businesses.
  • Grants – We support other nonprofits, schools, communities and projects that provide important programs and services.
  • Early Childhood – We’re part of a statewide network that works to give kids ages birth to 5 the best possible start to life.
  • Community Foundations – We manage 26 local community foundations (they’re the Projects on our GiveMN pages) that lead local giving and community improvement projects.  
  • Designated Funds – We manage 100+ school foundations, donor advised funds and others (they’re the Fundraisers on our GiveMN pages) that donors create for a specific purpose.
  • Planned Giving – We work with donors and their financial advisors to align their charitable giving with overall financial and estate plans. This includes our Keep It Growing farmland giving program.

Visit our website at to learn more.

Thank you for choosing Southwest Initiative Foundation and supporting southwest Minnesota! 

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