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Singers in Accord is unparalleled in the choral world; we are singer-led and work with different conductors to create unique and exciting concerts. Together we work to enrich the cultural life in the Twin Cities, uplift the community, and when possible, combine the arts with raising awareness of an important cause.

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Our Concerts
- Producing concerts with compelling repertoire, professional musicians and the best conducting talent takes significant financial resources. Donors like you are helping us make incredible concert experiences possible both now and in the future.

Our Singers - We spend an average of $1,000 per singer each year producing concerts. Although most of our singers support SIA financially, expecting each singer to cover this cost would close the door to many. As an SIA donor, you are underwriting their ability to make music with us!

Our Audience - Our entire mission is centered on Sharing great choral music with the entire community. To do that, we need to be financially accessible. Your investment allows us to keep ticket process affordable so many more people - from students to seniors - can enjoy it.

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