Senior Community Services

Celebrating 67 years of mobilizing the community to Reimagine Aging!

With the support of caring, generous donors, Senior Community Services has been able to provide programs that enhance the quality of life of older adults and support their caregivers so they may live independently, in their own home for as long as possible since 1950. Our vision is to mobilize the community to Reimagine Aging, which we do through 5 main programs: Senior Outreach & Caregiver Services, HOME, Senior Partners Care, Senior Centers, and CareNextion. 

Our programs cover a wide service area with some programs covering the local area of Hennepin County and parts of Wright County and others having statewide coverage. 

When family caregivers are supported, older adults are supported. 

The holidays can be a stressful time for a family caregiver. Often times a caregiver may be bombarded with family giving them advice on a situation they know very little about or they are checking in on mom or dad for the holidays only to find them in a much more difficult situation than they had thought. For family caregivers, self care is generally the first thing that goes out the window because it feels selfish. That is precisely why it is so important to have support services for them that are affordable and accessible. When family caregivers are supported, older adults are supported. Please consider making a financial contribution today to support family caregivers and older adults.

Your gift will give a family caregiver like Mollie, the support they need...

"I came to Senior Community Services Senior Outreach & Caregiver Services program because of all the changes I was experiencing in my life at the time. My husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and my son moved home and was in a deep depression. 

I needed support and professional help with how to handle things. 

I also sold my house during this time. All kinds of changes happened at once and I needed somebody who could guide me. 

I was feeling very sad. I was losing my husband in a way. I needed somebody to talk to that was a professional besides the people that I knew supported me as friends. 

This program has been very helpful to me. I've had to call my social worker at Senior Community Services a couple of times when I felt like I really needed some help and there were crises in the family. I feel it was important to have an ally outside of the family and somebody who was a professional to guide me. It would be a shame if this service didn't exist. 

I have event recommended it to other people in my support groups who I know need outside help besides just the camaraderie of others who have the same obstacles." 

Please consider helping Mollie and others like her this holiday season with your financial gift. 

Your gift will get us one step closer to reaching our goal of $5,000, which will allow 60 caregivers to attend caregiver support groups run by licensed social workers for 6 months. 

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