Give a Lifeline to a Feline. Because Every Cat is on Her Ninth Life!

PLEASE HELP US.  Hundreds of homeless cats fall victim to the harsh Minnesota winters each year.  Many are unintentionally lost, but the majority find themselves discarded by owners that can no longer care for them.  Domestic cats are not equipped to fend for themselves and, in addition to predators, traffic dangers, poisoning, etc., they face an agonizing death by starvation, dying of thirst and/or freezing to death…….unless help arrives.  

This is where Stray Cat Rescue Associates of Minnesota (SCRAM) makes a difference by providing services including:

• Humanely trapping homeless, scared and unloved cats and kittens, and then bringing them to safe and loving environments while they await their "forever homes." 

• Stopping the growth of feral cat colonies using Trap/Spay/Neuter/Return efforts.  SCRAM also provides insulated feral cat shelters that are equipped with food and water to enable them to survive the harsh Minnesota winters.

• Intervention and rescue for cats and kittens in crisis situations (abusive homes, natural disasters, neglect, etc.).

• Contracting with local veterinarians and veterinary technician schools to provide spay/neuter services, physical exams, vaccinations, and dental care (cats break their teeth trying to eat frozen food).  Nearly all of them suffer from painful ear mites and nasty intestinal worms that won't go away without medical treatment.

• Careful screening of applicants to insure that cats and kittens are placed in the best homes while SCRAM'S foster parents provide safe and loving homes for these grateful cats and kittens until they are ready for adoption.

• Providing assistance and education to low income families that can't afford to provide basic veterinary care for their cat. 

 • Helping our senior citizens adopt senior cats for love and companionship.  

• Educating our children to properly care for their pets to insure their safety and well being.

Did you know that SCRAM is a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization?  Your donation is 100% tax deductible!  Donate with confidence, knowing that every dollar you spend will go directly to help the cats.  There are no expensive third party fundraising fees to be paid, no employee payroll expenses to manage and no volunteer reimbursement whatsoever.  Double your donation by taking advantage of your employer's Matching Gift program, if offered by your company. 

Even though all of SCRAM'S volunteers are generously donating their time and energy without compensation, your help is desperately needed for SCRAM to continue its work.  

SCRAM pledges to use every single dollar received to the fullest extent by partnering with local wholesalers to obtain top quality products at rock bottom prices.  Your donation of only $10 will provide 100 pounds of name brand cat litter.  A $25 donation will pay for one month's worth of premium wet cat food to feed 15 malnourished cats.  A $50 donation will enable SCRAM to vaccinate 32 felines.  And a $100 donation will pay for the restorative dental work and cleaning needed to fix a poor cat's broken teeth so that she can eat properly and live without pain.

These vulnerable cats suffer greatly in these situations and deserve a chance to live a healthy, happy life.  Will you help me improve the lives of countless homeless animals?  Will you help SCRAM continue their vital work and join me in making a donation of $10, $25, $50 or any amount that you can afford?  No amount is too great or too small.  Your donation will give SCRAM the financial support needed to continue its work.  It literally will make the difference between life and death for a helpless animal in need.   Thank you for your generosity.

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