Donations support efforts to improve the quality of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education for all Minnesota students.

SciMathMN advocates for effective, engaging, and rigorous STEM education opportunities for all Minnesota students, preparing them for citizenship, career, and college.  Our coalition of education, business, and nonprofit representatives has worked for over 24 years to increase the state’s effectiveness in providing STEM education to the students and citizens of Minnesota and to engage all Minnesotans in STEM as a means toward lifelong learning, informed civic engagement, and a vibrant economy. Our vision is that all Minnesota students graduate STEM-ready for life and work.

As a non-partisan organization we are dedicated to

  • provide a strong, articulate, non-partisan voice to inform and shape local and state policy development in STEM education;
  • advocate for making high quality STEM education a guarantee for all of Minnesota students;
  • leverage relationships with business and industry to support STEM education; and
  • expand the community of individuals who are informed about STEM issues, policies, and programs.

Major initiatives include:

  • Operating the MN STEM Teacher Center, an online resource for STEM teachers.
  • Organizing the Minnesota STEM Network which strengthens collaborations among business, education, civic, and community leaders to increase the appeal of STEM education and communicate its importance to Minnesota’s future; promotes opportunities for students and their families to engage in high-quality STEM experiences; and fosters continuous improvements in STEM teaching and learning. 
  • Building awareness and excitement for STEM education and careers through STEM Day at the MN State Fair.
  • Convening annual briefings for policymakers, legislators, business leaders, and educators on issues of current interest and importance to STEM improvement and reform.
  • Sharing current information relevant to STEM education via our website,, and through our newsletter that informs educators, business partners, policymakers, parents, and students of important developments in STEM education.
  • Past sponsorship of Minnesota’s participation as a mini-nation in the 1995 TIMSS International Assessment and analyzing subsequent 2007 results, providing a valuable perspective on the achievement of Minnesota students across a 12 year span.
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