An organization dedicated to education about Sami and Sami-American history and culture.

In August 2014, a new space was opened in Duluth, MN, to house the Sami Cultural Center's office, display area, library, and archives. The Center is open Tuesdays, 3-7 p.m. and by appointment.

The Sami are the Indigenous People of Norway, Sweden, Finland, and the Russian Kola Peninsula. Today there are about 80,000 Sami living in the Nordic countries and there are also as many as 30,000 descendants of immigrants from those countries living in North America who have some Sami ancestry but often know very little about it.

In July 2011, an organization was founded dedicated to education about Sami and Sami-North American history and culture and for the purpose of establishing a cultural center to serve the Sami immigrant North American population and other interested people.

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