Help SPCPA raise $20k for a mobile recording studio and new math textbooks!

**All videos above were created by SPCPA alumni Sam Mistry (Class of 2015)**

  Saint Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists is a tuition-free
 public charter high school with a professional performance art focus.

Since SPCPA opened in 2005, we have continued to grow our program options to better serve students with a passion for performance. Our arts offerings allow students the flexibility to try several different performance focuses: Dance, Theatre, Musical Theatre, Instrumental, and Vocal. We have recently expanded our Instrumental and Vocal programs to include Contemporary and Singer-Songwriter tracks!

As a charter school that emphasizes the importance of both academic and arts, we hope to raise $20,000 for a MOBILE STUDIO & MATH BOOKS!

   Mobile Studio
mobile recording studio will allow students to record in a variety of scenarios and contexts: from concerts in spaces on- and off-campus to in-house band recording that will achieve near-studio quality sound. Using a MacBook Pro equipped with ProTools and two Focusrite interfaces, we wil be able to record up to 16 channels simultaneously using a variety of high quality microphones (which we are also hoping to acquire with your support)! In addition to a computer, interfaces, and microphones, this mobile studio would feature a rolling rack-mounted case to house all the necessary parts and make using this equipment as accessible and operational as possible for our students!

   Math Books
We are seeking funds to secure new textbooks for our math department. Last year's Give to the Max helped us purchase smart calculators for student use. To further support our students' math studies, we hope to update our outdated textbook variety with a singular context-based textbook series. After careful consideration, our math department will be choosing a college preparatory mathematics series that focused on problem-solving and real-world application of concepts, providing more freedom to access math in a universal way!   

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We thank you for your support for our students and their work!

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