Gym (Multi-purpose room) Floor Renovation Project - Keeping our school and community active and engaged!

We are over half way to our goal of raising $50,000 to support the renovation of the school's multi-purpose room (gymnasium).  

The project includes the removal of the 50 year old tile floor and replacement of the floor with a resilient, low maintenance floor that has a little more give than our hard tile floor and many more "built in" lines to more easily facilitate a much wider variety of sports and fitness activities.

The renovation project includes the following components:

* Removal of the 50 year old multi-purpose room floor;

* The installation of a new multi-sports surface floor that has has built in lines to accommodate a wide variety of sports and fitness activities;

* Purchase and installation of a climbing wall on the east wall of the gym.

* Purchase and installation of additional adjustable basketball hoops;

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