Restart, Inc.

Since 1986 Restart has helped adults with brain injury and related disabilities rebuild and maintain independent lives.

Restart operates nine residential sites dedicated to individuals living with brain injury.  The level of care varies from site to site based on a continuum of independence.  We encourage residents to participate in purposeful activities such as the operation and maintenance of the house, working outside the home, attending school, participating in training and vocational programs, and volunteering within the community.  

Restart's Outreach ILS (Independent Living Skills) Program provides direct supportive services, consultation and advocacy for persons with various disabilities in the context of their own homes and communities.  ILS staff work with individuals to design and implement structure and supports systems that promote healthy habits and effective routines and strategies necessary for successful independent living.

Without our services, many of our clients would be in danger of entering a less independent setting and lose the support they need and deserve in order to live healthy, independent, and satisfying lives.

Thank you for being part of the Restart community!

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