Residential Services of Northeastern Minnesota, Inc.

Residential Services, Inc. is a private non-profit organization that provides innovative services to people with disabilities.

Residential Services, Inc. (RSI) is a non-profit organization that provides services to adults, children, and families with disabilities and mental illness. RSI has been providing innovative services to help people live in the home setting of their choice since 1978. We believe that all people, regardless of their disability, can live successfully in a community based setting given the proper supports.

RSI serves people who range in age from 4 to 75 years old. The needs and challenges of each person may vary greatly, but the one thing they all have in common is living with limited financial means.

One of the most significant impacts of having a low income is not being able to afford to participate in community activities and enriching recreational opportunities. A recent RSI survey identified this issue as one of the top concerns for people receiving our services. State and Federal government funding pay for housing, food, staffing supports, and the basic health and safety needs of the people we serve. This leaves people on their own to pay for activities and opportunities that are a large part of what improves quality of life.

Being able to go camping, to a movie, a sporting event, or to try horseback riding or yoga, are all activities beyond the budget of many people being served by RSI.  It is for these reasons that RSI continues to identify raising money for our Activity Fund for Persons Served as a strategic priority. This fund can also help cover the cost of adaptive technology that can make it possible for people who need further assistance to participate in activities.

100% of all funds raised will be used to pay for participation in impactful and enriching activities for the people we support.

In the summer of 2017, funds raised during last year's Give to the Max Day were used to send individuals from RSI to the Special Olympics for track and field events. Each year, people from our homes look forward to this opportunity to shine through athletic events that foster acceptance and inclusion in our communities. This year, we were able to send a number of supported people to compete and staff to coach and volunteer. Thanks to funds raised in 2016, we were able to provide extra staffing, lodging, and transportation to ensure that everybody who wanted to participate could do so. Justin, a longterm staff and first-time Special Olympics coach, saw the impact that being able to attend these events had on the people he works with.

"After the events, we got to do a lot of fun stuff at the hotel we were staying at.  Going out for dinner and getting time for the two of us to sit with his teammates and friends, and getting to know a little more about him and what he enjoys. It's building a stronger bond between staff and a person we serve. 

It gives these individuals something to strive for, to achieve. It improves their shows they're part of their community." 

If you take a few minutes to watch the video on our page, you can hear the story of an individual living at RSI who shares their story about fulfilling her longtime dream of visiting the Minnesota Vikings training camp made possible through donations from our 2014 Give to the Max fundraiser. Her experience and success is why we do what we do; providing innovative services to the individuals who we serve.

Please help RSI build our Activity Fund for Persons Served by making a donation today. Thank you! 

A special thank you to the generous donors who provided our matching funds: Debbie Larson in memory of her brother George, Tim Gross, who is a current member of our Board of Directors, and Teresa O'Toole, a former board member.


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