Your donation to Reach-Up Head Start will help strenghten low income families with young children.

Since 1979, Reach-Up Head Start has been providing comprehensive early childhood education and support services to low income families in Benton, Sherburne and Stearns counties.  Our Early Head Start and Head Start programs serve pregnant women and children ages birth to five through various program options.  Children qualify based on their family's annual income being at or below the federally established poverty level.  To more clearly illustrate what that means, a family of four makes less than $25,100 per year to qualify for Reach-Up Head Start services. 

Reach-Up Head Start prepares children to enter the K-12 system on an equal "playing field" with their peers.  Developments in neuroscience have revealed that an extraordinary amount of brain development occurs before age 5 - and that children living in poverty are at high risk for exposure to stressors that can undermine their future learning and health.1  Reach-Up Head Start helps by providing early childhood education, health services, nutrition services and education, mental health care, parenting education, and family support.  We recognize the importance of including and supporting parents, because they are an integral part of helping their child develop and be successful.

Reach-Up Head Start is a 4 Star Parent Aware Program.  This rating, which is the highest possible rating, measures best practices identified by research that help children succeed. 

 1. National Bureau of Economic Research. (2011, December). “Children’s Schooling and Parents’ Investment in Children: Evidence from the Head Start Impact Study (Working Paper No. 17704)”. Cambridge, MA: A. Gelber & A. Isen.

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