160+Volunteers-teach the public environmentally friendly horticultural practices with University based research.

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Ramsey County Master Gardeners volunteer thousands of hours in our community interacting with youth and adults. Master Gardeners work in many different project areas including Habitat for Humanity, Ramsey County yard waste sites, farmer's markets, school planting projects, community classes, and many others.  Master Gardeners focus on sharing best practices and University of Minnesota researched based garden solutions with the public. A few 2017 highlights: 

  • Ramsey County Master Gardeners learned from the University of Minnesota Soil, Water and Climate department about the importance of and how to screen for lead in soil. We applied our knowledge at an urban festival as residents brought soil samples to us to screen. We taught them how to submit additional soil samples to help them grow healthier plants. 
  • At yard waste sites, we teach patrons about organic recycling to reduce waste and to compost at home if they can.
  •  In partnership with the Ramsey Washington Metro Watershed district, we help elementary students learn how to stratify, plant and transplant native plant seedlings into rain gardens and water restoration projects throughout the county. 
  • Active in the urban community garden movement, we help folks grow their own food- increasing food access and food security. 

Ramsey County Master Gardeners want to help residents to be environmentally friendly gardeners.

Help us teach residents about pollinators,waste reduction, water conservation, pest management practices, how to increase green space in their communities, to grow food and how to create environmentally friendly yards and gardens. Consider making a donation to our program. Funds raised will be applied to the cost of materials for programming, a contribution to a new Hmong garden education project or into our financial assistance fund which helps new interns in our program pay for the cost of their University horticultural training. 


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