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Focusing on the riches of contemporary literature, Rain Taxi is a catalyst in the book community, creating meaningful bridges between readers, writers, and publishers.  Through thoughtful and imaginative criticism and presentations, Rain Taxi expands readers’ horizons by dealing with challenging work from diverse voices and brings attention to writing that might otherwise be overlooked.

Rain Taxi delivers great bang for your buck—but we need your buck. Your gift will enable our small organization to continue to do big things for our community, such as:

  • TwinCitiesLiteraryCalendar.com, Rain Taxi’s free online directory of readings and literary events throughout the metropolitan area
  • Rain Taxi Review of Books, our award-winning print quarterly of reviews and interviews, distributed without cost at independent bookstores and literary organizations across the country
  • Raintaxi.org, our constantly updated website which contains even more book reviews and interviews, as well as videos, articles, and resources for educators
  • The Twin Cities Book Festival, an annual gala that brings national and international writers of renown to Minnesota and showcases locally based publishers, writers, and community organizations
  • Rain Taxi Literary Events and Readings, featuring visiting and local literary artists in settings aimed at celebrating diverse creators and readers
  • Chapbooks and broadsides of poetry and prose, occasionally published to honor the artistic spark that motivates our love of literature.

Rain Taxi pays attention to what’s important.  Our reviews bring attention to really good books being otherwise ignored, and new perspectives on the books people are talking about.  Our events bring readers together to share in the experience and pleasure of literature. We are driven by readers and writers, small presses and literary publishers, independent booksellers and arts educators, and other kindred spirits who want books and ideas to flourish in a distracted society.

Your support enables us to tell you about books that deserve your attention.  Donations of any amount are welcome, but gifts at the levels listed here will make real things happen.  Plus, give during this campaign for a chance to win a signed broadside by George Saunders, winner of this year’s Man Booker Prize, created to commemorate his Rain Taxi reading earlier this year.

Please support our efforts to take readers where writing is going and Give to the Max.  THANK YOU!

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