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Roman Catholic college-preparatory school serving families with students in Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade.

Providence Academy is a Roman Catholic college-preparatory school with a comprehensive, core-knowledge curriculum that promotes superior academic achievement, mastery of skillls and content, character development and citizenship within a faith-filled, Christian environment.  

From the heart of our motto, “Faith, Knowledge, Virtue,” Providence Academy develops habits of spirit, mind and action to prepare students for future leadership in vocations and civic life. 

The faith and morals taught by the Catholic Church provide the foundation for time-honored training in the liberal arts and sciences.  An emphasis on the intellectual and cultural heritage of Western civilization highlights principles of freedom and justice necessary for American self-government. 

The curriculum’s rigor instills customs of discipline and assures breadth and depth in students’ mastery of educational basics.  Extracurricular activities and events incorporate the diverse God-given talents and interests of young people, in accord with our mission. 

Providence Academy aims to graduate citizens who are good believers, good thinkers, good citizens, good people—in a word, good Christians, prepared to meet the challenges and complexities of American life in the 21st century.

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