Each year Prairie Woods helps thousands of kids to connect with self, others and the environment. Your donation helps keep environmental education and outdoor recreation programs available and affordable in west central Minnesota.

Prairie Woods is a place for exclamation points!

A fourth grade boy with rosy cheeks lays in the snow making a snow angel while waiting for the bus at the end of a full day of cross country skiing, snowshoeing, animal tracking.   He looks up with a smile and joyfully proclaims-  "I've never spent a whole day outside before!"

A sixth grade girl volunteered that "this was the best day of my life! " as she boarded the school bus to return home.

A special ed. teacher pulls staff aside and exclaims at how well a young student worked with his group and provided leadership during a team building challenge.  "That kid hasn't said a word all year in my classroom-  I am amazed that he not only participated but took a leadership role!"

A parent reports:  "My kid didn't stop talking during the two hour drive home from Forkhorn Camp!   This is a kid who typically won't say more than a couple of words in response to a question.  He had a great time learning about the outdoors and meeting new friends!"


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