Prairie Creek Community School is dedicated to building a better world one brilliant mind at a time...


Prairie Creek Community School--a public elementary charter school located in Castle Rock, Minnesota--is guided by the principles of progressive education, engaging our 180 elementary students in structured, meaningful work and authentic problem-solving in an atmosphere that celebrates creativity, respect, and rigorous academic inquiry.

At Prairie Creek, children learn how to learn by doing.  They pose questions, they wonder aloud, they bring their natural curiosities to the classroom for full consideration.  Each school day provides them with real-world opportunities to explore, to inquire, to answer-- all the while supported by teachers who channel these ambitions into structured, creative projects and challenging lessons. 

In philosophy and in practice, Prairie Creek's progressive curriculum invites students to roll up their sleeves and jump right in to learning - learning that recognizes their lives, during these few years and beyond, as intriguing and collaborative adventures. 

Our Mission...

  • Prairie Creek is a community school
  • Prairie Creek is a child-centered school
  • Prairie Creek is a progressive school
  • Prairie Creek aims to make the world a better place

Prairie Creek owes its existence to a wide community of parents, grandparents and relatives, alumni, neighbors, educators, local businesses, and generous funders.

We thank you--this community--for supporting Prairie Creek with your generous gifts!

To learn our full story and more about progressive education, please visit Prairie Creek Community School at our website at

To make a donation to directly to Prairie Creek Community School, please contact our school office at 507.645.9640

For the first time for Give to the Max, we have a donor offering to match donations up to $10,000. This is a truly amazing contribution from Prairie Creek grandparents. The donors’ dream is that it will inspire other grandparents and extended family members to support our big giving day and help us reach our GiveMN target of $30,000.





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