Kids don't spend enough time outdoors.

Your donation can change that.

By partnering with youth agencies and schools, Positive Energy Outdoors (PEO) makes exciting outdoor adventure activities like dog sledding, rock and ice climbing, driving draft horses, kayaking and stand up paddleboarding accessible to all.  PEO's outdoor education programming blends physical skill building and positive social interactions with time spent in nature.

Your donation supports:

  • Out of school time programs for local youth agencies 
  • School field trips
  • Day camp scholarships
  • Outdoor leadership programming and cultural exchange experiences for teens
  • Year round care and housing of 55 Alaskan husky sled dogs and 2 Percheron draft horses

Youth participants experience:

  • Improved physical, mental and social health
  • Improved ability to learn and concentrate
  • Reduced stress
  • Improved interpersonal and intrapersonal skills
  • Environmental awareness and stewardship ethics
  • Reduced screen time
  • A connection to animals

To date in 2017, PEO has served over 1,200 children and youth from Northeast Minnesota and Northwest Wisconsin.  Nearly half of those participants came from low-moderate income families.

Thank you for supporting PEO's outdoor education programs for children and youth and the year round care of our animals. 

"The work that you do with the kids in Adventure Club goes totally above and beyond what I would have ever expected.  I could not think of better role models for our children.  The values and things that you teach them completely embody what a conscious and responsible citizen of our planet should be.  Thank you for being who you are and for caring so deeply about the environment in which we live."

"Jack LOVED your program and I know he'd like to continue. His experience with you has been so positive!  Being challenged by ADHD and Asperger's, it's rare for him to find an environment that is uplifting and supportive outside of home.  I've noticed such an improvement in his self-esteem and independence!  I would be thrilled for him to be able to continue on this path with you and your wonderful dogs."

"The students in my class gave a GREAT report on yesterday.  I pulled them aside and Devan and Jaycie just gushed about it.  Natalie is very quiet in school and she was just beaming.  Devan has had some difficulty making friends so giving him a great experience with his peers will do him wonders.  Thanks again for offering this, not just from me being the coordinator, but as the students’ teacher I see the impact that it makes."

"The YWCA Girl Power! program had the opportunity to send two of our sites at no charge to Positive Energy Outdoors. Over 40 of our participants had the chance to meet and learn about sled dogs and draft horses. The girls enjoyed learning how to drive the draft horses and about the responsibility it takes to raise these animals. For many of the girls these were new experiences. It was a field trip they will never forget!"

"I have had the privilege of going to Positive Energy Outdoors with the Hermantown Fifth Graders since 2011.  What a fantastic experience!  I have seen reluctant students blossom into curious explorers and questioners.  Students who prefer to work alone enthusiastically join a team and cooperate in a non-competitive environment.  All students challenged themselves to go above and beyond their own personal expectations.  Everyone feels the 'positive energy' all around."

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