Paws For Learning needs your help to reach more students of all ages!

Paws For Learning is known for its innovative and remarkable services in which four-legged, tail-wagging educators work with their human partners to positively impact educational environments, foster improved behavioral health & well-being, and support learning and the skills integral to school success. Since 1997 Paws For Learning has continued to employ this innovative approach - because we know our dogs absolutely restore the minds, hearts, spirits, and actions of humans! 

In the Twin Cities area, Paws For Learning partners in school communities with students, staff, and families who have some of the greatest needs by providing:

  • Academic and Educational Supports
  • Wellness Management and Critical Incident Stress Debriefings
  • Emotional Intelligence Support and Restorative Process Assistance
  • Care & Comfort Supports and Psychological First Aid
  • Social Skills Development and Positive Behavioral Support
  • Crisis and Trauma Response and Recovery Assistance

Paws For Learning therapy dog teams enhance the work that schools and community professionals are doing to help students read, improve school attendance, manage their emotions, complete their school work, or recover after a school or community crisis or disaster. 

Through collaborations with Paws For Learning, educators report that students experience a broad range of academic improvement, including increased success in reading, work completion, school attendance and mental health/self regulation challenges!

Our mission to bring four legged, tail wagging educators into schools and communities makes a difference in the lives of students, staff, families, first responders, and communities. 

The Paws For Learning volunteers and their dogs are the key and DONORS LIKE YOU MAKE IT ALL POSSIBLE.  We can't do this great work without your kind support!  Thank You! 

DOUBLE YOUR GIFT!!!!  A match up to $5,000 is available!

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