Partnership Resources, Inc.

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Partnership Resources supports individualized participation in community life for people with disabilities.

Partnership Resources, Inc. (PRI) is a nonprofit organization, which has served adults with intellectual disabilities since 1958. PRI’s mission is “to create partnerships between people with disabilities and the community.

We believe each person with disabilities has opportunities to contribute his or her unique gifts to the community. We breakdown stereotypes, raise awareness and support others in adding beauty to the world. Partnership Resources’ state of the art programs provide flexible options including vocational exploration, functional skill development, community involvement, and opportunities for artistic expression. Our philosophy on providing services focuses on person-centered planning and supports.

Unique Features of PRI

  • Fastest growing, most sought-after programs in the state
  • Flexible programming
  • Person-centered services supporting individual choice
  • Strong community involvement
  • Individuals are supported to find and maintain jobs in the community
  • All individuals supported in working earn minimum wage or above
  • Dynamic visual and performing arts programs
  • Strong Advocacy and legislative involvement

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Partnership Resources, Inc.
1069 10th Ave SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414

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