Parrot Rescue Services

Parrot Rescue Services is dedicated to providing rescue, rehabilitation, and sanctuary services for unwanted companion parrots.

     Since its inception, Parrot Rescue Services, Inc., has been dedicated to providing the best shelter situation possible for unwanted companion birds. This is not something I am doing alone. In fact, without the amazing help I have received both in terms of time and money from both close friends and virtual strangers, my dream of a safe haven for parrots would have quickly ended. The work is never ending; in fact I work at the shelter seven days a week. My most dedicated volunteers work not only full time jobs but come in on their days off. None of us receive salaries or in any way are compensated by Parrot Rescue Services.
     My dedication to the cause of birds in need began many years earlier when I adopted my first bird, Bobo, a green Budgerigar.  It was shortly after that I brought home an abandoned Umbrella Cockatoo named Gilligan, and my journey into the world of unwanted captive bred parrots had truly begun. For the next 20 years I was not only to share my life and and home with this amazing bird, but I was to truly learn the difficulties a captive bred companion bird faces. In March of 2014 I lost my beloved bird after a lengthy illness. I still think of him nearly every day, and he is one of the reasons I continue to work as hard as I do for my cause. I thought I would have Gilligan for the rest of my life. I was wrong. However, he was just one of thousands and thousands of captive bred birds that have needed a new home since breeding and selling exotic birds became part of the pet industry.
 Since parrots do typically have such a long life span, the problem is not going to go away, and in fact, more and more shelters devoted just  to unwanted captive birds are needed. In the few short years that I have been running Parrot Rescue Services, we have been profiled numerous times by the local media. We have developed a reputation for truly caring and for providing the best care possible. Every gesture of kindness, from the senior citizen who carefully folds and saves newspaper for us, to our weekly volunteers who help and care for the birds, and our generous donors who  provide much needed financial support; everyone who helps us is an integral part of the rescue.
Warmest Regards,
Sabra Khan
Founder and CEO of Parrot Rescue Services, Inc.
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