Yoga changes lives. You can help.

One Yoga is a nonprofit yoga studio in Minneapolis.

Our commitment and mission to bring yoga to populations who traditionally lack access is the foundation of everything we do. In our studio, we offer a sliding-fee pass for those experiencing financial hardship or are finding it difficult to pay for classes. We fulfill our mission in the wider community through our Outreach Program, which brings yoga to populations who traditionally lack access:

  • Teens at The Link - Juvenile Justice Program
  • Incarcerated women at MCF - Shakopee Women's Prison
  • Pregnant and parenting teens through Teen Parent Services, Minneapolis Public Schools
  • Adults with cognitive and developmental disabilities through Southside Services
  • People experiencing homelessness through St. Stephens Human Services
  • Children and parents at Southside Nurturing Center
  • Staff at the Project for Pride in Living
We know yoga changes lives. Movement and mindfulness are healing tools that have been proven to support health and well-being. One Yoga provides high-quality, experienced teachers to serve these various populations and to share these therapeutic tools with them.

Participant Testimonials

Doing yoga here clears my mind out and it makes me relax and move on with my day. It helps my relationship with my kid because if I'm feeling sad or mad, it calms me down and I'm able to talk to him in a good tone and a good mood.
     - Outreach Participant, name withheld

I have a hard time sleeping so I started following my breath like we were taught in class, and I have been able to sleep every single night.
     - Outreach Participant, name withheld

We started yoga and my sister died a few days later. Yoga has helped me stay present with her death. I have been running for a long time. I am tired of running. Running from my family, running from my decisions, running from myself. I am ready now to be present and to stop running.
     - Outreach Participant, name withheld  

Our community has spoken - they need yoga.

We have a waiting list of organizations that know their populations would benefit from yoga. They want One Yoga's skilled teachers to serve their clients. Will you help us make this possible?

Your gift will make a difference in the lives of people from all walks of life, on the broadest range of life experiences, all throughout our community.

Yoga is not a luxury. Yoga heals. Yoga empowers. Yoga provides a safe place for people who have experienced trauma to be present with their thoughts and their bodies. Yoga helps support mental health, physical well-being and emotional regulation. The benefits go on and on but our reach is limited without your support.

Thank you for being a part of our community. 

About One Yoga

One Yoga, founded in 2002, and operating as a nonprofit since 2007, is a cornerstone yoga studio in the Twin Cities. With five part-time staff, a volunteer board of directors and a roster of thirteen instructors teaching more than 60 classes per week, our studio receives more than 1,500 student visits each month.

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