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We make home a better place.

Here at One Roof we work provide the opportunity for positive homeownership.  We know it can change lives and families. The market for housing doesn’t always work for people, and it especially doesn’t work for low income families and individuals. Community support, from people like you, makes it all possible.

This fall, we have a $15,000 matching gift opportunity for our end of the year fund drive. I invite you to join us as we help individuals and families invest in themselves, their neighborhoods, and our community as homeowners.  Will you help?

Let me share one couple’s story of how One Roof helped them “put down roots” in Duluth while another family follows their footsteps through our Community Land Trust (CLT) program.

Chris and Andrea Rubesch had come to Duluth for college and fell in love with the community. Student loans and low-paying jobs were an ever present challenge. Like many young adults in our community, they moved every year or two trying to find a safe and affordable apartment within their tight budget.

It all began to change after Chris attended a Homebuyer Education workshop at One Roof. Our monthly workshops cover the home buying process from start-to-finish. The workshop and counseling sessions with One Roof staff showed them that there was a way to find a home of their own in Duluth.

The Rubesch’s household income met the criteria to become CLT homeowners. Chris secured a mortgage through North Shore Bank of Commerce and found a beautiful, fully renovated One Roof home in the Denfeld neighborhood. In fact, their mortgage payment was less than what they had been paying in rent. 

“When we were able to buy our home,” states Chris, “we were thrilled to be able to finally say we had roots in the community we love.  We felt connected and that we had a stake in the future of our neighborhood. We planted a cherry tree, raspberries, and an heirloom rhubarb plant that had originated from my grandma’s house.”

 “The stability and affordable mortgage helped make that possible for us,” states Chris. “Becoming a CLT homeowner allowed us to pursue careers that we not only enjoy, but are also great jobs!”

Chris and Andrea both studied to become Registered Nurses during their CLT homeownership and now work full-time, one at St. Luke’s Hospital and the other at Essentia Health.

 After seven years as CLT homeowners, Chris and Andrea took their next big step this past summer. They sold their One Roof home to another income-qualified family and purchased a market rate home just a few blocks away in their Denfeld neighborhood.

“Our life circumstances changed a lot since first buying our One Roof home,” states Chris.  “We moved to a point where traditional homeownership was financially possible and, as hard as it is to leave our One Roof home, we are very proud to be able to sell the home to a new family who will benefit from it as well.  Even now, in a traditional mortgage, we benefited from the equity we built in our One Roof home and from all the knowledge we gained about home buying and ownership.”

Tiffany Joki and her daughter are the new CLT homeowners who moved into the Rubesch’s former home this past summer.

“We came from an apartment with people living above me, to the left and right of me, and below me, states Tiffany. “What I have now is really comfortable. I’ve already recommended One Roof to a few people and told them how helpful the staff was in making this home possible for us.”

It’s a win for the Rubesch’s, a win for the Joki’s, and a win for the Denfeld neighborhood. Households of modest-income are able to put down roots locally and invest themselves into our neighborhoods, schools, organizations, and local businesses.

We have hundreds of stories to share like the Rubesch’s and Joki’s. Hard working individuals and families who, with support from One Roof and our community of supporters, have been able to invest in themselves and in our community by becoming homeowners.

With your support, we not only continue to create affordable homeownership opportunities, but also build multifamily developments, offer down-payment assistance, homebuyer education and tenant landlord mediation, and provide lending services for home improvements.

Your contributions to One Roof do make a difference. Thank you for your consideration and support. 

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