OMEED means hope. We provide healthcare, education and relief and basic services to people living in poverty in Southeast Asia.

OMEED means hope.  Since 2005, we have been providing hope to people living in extreme poverty in Pakistan and Azad Kashmir by providing food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, health education, and access to education at various levels.  Our current projects include: 

  • running our Free Kashif Wellness Clinic for women and children in Rawalpindi since 2010;
  • building bathrooms for girls schools in remote areas of Azad Kashmir to increase attendance;
  • supporting motivated young people through scholarships and vocational programs so that they can learn life-changing skills;
  • supporting orphans at SOS Village;
  • providing computer labs and computer skills training at numerous schools throughout Pakistan and Azad Kashmir
  • providing infrastructure improvements and curriculum for schools;
You can learn more about our work and past and current projects at

We have an all-volunteer board and the majority of our project managers and monitors are retired professionals and ex-pats who volunteer their time and energy because they are passionate about creating change and improving people's lives.  Because of this, we have very minimal administrative expenses and are able to dedicate the significant majority of donor funds directly to beneficiary communities.  We design small projects that can be directly managed and conducted in collaboration with local communities for buy-in and long-term success.   To learn more about our methodology, visit

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