The Northfield Gymnastics Club promotes fitness, self-confidence, poise and athletic skill among area youth through training in gymnastics.


To effectively utilize our gymnastics facility, the strengths of our staff, and our inspiring approach to teaching gymnastics, to enhance our entire program and the lives of those involved.

Values Statement:

In carrying out its mission, the Northfield Gymnastics Club is guided by the following principles and values: 

1. Our programs are open to all youth in the greater Northfield area and from surrounding communities.

2. We strive to enhance the self-image and self-esteem of participating youth through positive experiences in classes, practice sessions, and competitive teams, as appropriate.

3. We promote the safety of our gymnasts through qualified coaching, well-designed facilities, high-quality equipment, and careful training procedures.

4. We depend on and welcome the involvement and support of the parents of participating youth in order to make the organization a success.

5. We are committed to keep our programs as affordable for families as possible and to provide financial assistance as necessary to the extent allowed by our resources. 

6. We encourage our gymnasts to continue their training and achievements through participation in gymnastics and/or other athletic programs at area schools.


The journey to success starts within, and at the Northfield Gymnastics Club, we stress that the value of every person is not based on their skill level, or what a judge thinks. We believe in drawing out personal strengths, and teach that victory is not won by comparison, but by the small inner victories we as individuals, accomplish everyday! We believe in the necessity of every child being able to participate in their future success by engaging in our club in the present. This is why we offer affordable rates and provide financial assistance to those in need. We desire to develop within our participants, an attitude of commitment, responsibility, perseverance, strong will, confidence, teamwork, and respect. We expect that parents too, develop the above attitude through involvement with the club and in the growth of your child, as you participate with them in this process together. We desire for your child to build lifelong friendships, and to utilize the value of our program as they venture out into the world. We truly are delighted for the opportunity of being a light to your child!

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