Kids with hearing loss can talk!

From Our Parents: 
Northern Voices gave our son a foundation.  He never spoke before coming to Northern Voices and now he never stops.

Northern Voices gave our son an extraordinary gift that no other institution could provide; the gift of spoken language.  It is a place of hope.

Northern Voices is like a second family to us.

Northern Voices has given us hope that our daughter's life will be big, bright and promising.

Northern Voices reminds us that a little bit of hard work now equals endless possibilities in the future.

Northern Voices will allow our daughter to speak up for herself and find her place in a hearing world.

Northern Voices to us is hope, innovation, expertise, love, friendship and a chance (with great odds) for our son to have a shot at normalcy. 

Northern Voices means the world to me and my family.  It is the difference between a bright future for my son and a dimly lit future without sound and a voice. 

Northern Voices saved our daughter's future.

Northern Voices gave us hope when we were told there was none, family when we felt alone and a reassuring shoulder when we needed strength. 

Northern Voices opened up a whole new world of possibilities for our children. 

Northern Voices is much more than a school.  It is a place of hope, encouragement and support.  Our son is getting the fundamental building blocks he needs to succeed and the confidence to overcome obstacles in his path.  Northern Voices is giving him the best possible start in his education.

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