NCF helps transform lives & communities through cooperative enterprise. We primarily serve those in manufactured housing by creating co-ops.

“The member-owners run the community—we have the power to decide what to do and what improvements are made in the cooperative,” said Debbi, a homeowner in Minnesota's first resident-owned cooperative.

In a traditional manufactured home community residents own their homes, but they do not own the land beneath them. Many families have invested their few assets to purchase a manufactured home which is rented on land owned by someone else. The owner of the community could choose to redevelop or sell the community for another use, leaving the homeowners with very little options. When these communities close it can translate into homelessness, increased demand for social services, and the disruption of education for school-aged kids.

Our Cooperative Conversion Program sets out to change that! We provide manufactured homeowners technical assistance, real estate development services, and training to assist them to purchase their communities collectively from investor-owners. NCF has worked with the residents of all of Minnesota's resident-owned communities to assist them purchase and operate their communities. Our goal is to make manufactured home communities an affordable place to live where residents are no longer marginalized and can use their abilities to build strong, stable futures.

Brandon, a resident in Minnesota's third resident-owned community said, "Ultimately the residents came together to create this cooperative, but it was with the guidance of NCF that we were able to make this purchase happen."

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