Helping artists grown their businesses and continue to thrive as an economic backbone of NE Minneapolis

NEMAA Artists are Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses
Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association (NEMAA), a 501(c)(3) non-profit arts organization founded in 1995 to support artist entrepreneurs become the backbone of economic development in NE Minneapolis.  A vibrant arts community promotes social and economic growth. It celebrates and reflects our community’s diversity, and it creates connections between individuals, businesses and artists. Our mission continues to be to promote and support the quality and diversity of artistic resources based in Northeast Minneapolis. Support NEMAA Artists! 

What does NEMAA do?

For twenty years NEMAA’s unwavering dedication to the arts in Northeast Minneapolis, has been key to the growth and success of the vibrant art community we have today.  Originally formed by a collective of artists who wanted to open their studios to the public and to create an opportunity for visitors to buy directly from the artists, NEMAA now consists of over 800 members, consisting of over 650 artists, as well as individuals, galleries, neighborhood groups, and businesses. 

Throughout the year, NEMAA:

  • Entices over 50,000 visitors annually to Northeast Minneapolis for Art-A-Whirl®,  the largest open studio tour in the United States
  • Coordinates the annual Fall Fine Arts Show, showcase of our members' work in the warm glow of the Solar Arts Building
  • Plans biennial juried art exhibition, Wintertide (second installment coming in January 2017), a competitive member-only exhibition helps to solidify NEMAA’s reputation in the region as an organization consisting of highly-regarded artists who produce outstanding artwork
  • Works continuously to achieve higher visibility for our artist-members through media channels
  • Publishes and distributes our annual comprehensive NEMAA Artist Directory & Guide
  • Connects our artist members to exclusive artist opportunities and events throughout the year, including workshops and calls for art
  • Promotes Northeast Minneapolis open studio and special events, an economic backbone of Northeast Minneapolis

Recent Accomplishments & Honors

  • 21st year of Art-A-Whirl in which more NEMAA artists sold more art than ever before
  • 17th Annual Fall Fine Arts Show brings in record attendance.
  • Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association awarded "Business of the Year 2015" from the Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce
  • Upcoming second installation of biennial juried art exhibit Wintertide in partnership with Public Functionary
  • Northeast Minneapolis Arts District recognized as the #1 Arts District in the country by USA Today

What makes NEMAA and the NEMAA App unique?

  • First arts district app of its kind in US! App built by local developers embedded in our community.
  • NEMAA offers a rare opportunity to meet artists individually, observe their creative process, follow their careers, and collect their work over many years
  • NEMAA has helped turn art into an economic engine by creating partnerships between artists, businesses and the community at large
  • NEMAA is supported almost entirely by members, donors, advertising sales, and select sponsorships
  • NEMAA attracts visual artists of all mediums, and creates a supportive community for its artists
  • NEMAA connects artists and businesses with mutually beneficial opportunities
  • NEMAA offers a great way to engage with Minneapolis’ vibrant arts community

Help us help artists! Your tax-deductible gift works directly to fund our programs and events, and will support and celebrate the 21st annual Art-A-Whirl®!

By donating any amount to NEMAA today, you become an important and vital influencer of the arts community in Northeast Minneapolis. Join us to create more connections between individuals, businesses, and artists. Together we can keep this vibrant arts community thriving.

Thank you for your support of NEMAA Artists!

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