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Perhaps you've already contributed to Nautilus this year, and if that's the case, we are truly grateful for your support! If not, let us remind you of a few highlights of this past very busy and exciting year:

PRODUCTIONS: In our intimate Nautilus Studio, we sold out most performances of TWISTED APPLES: Stories from Winesburg Ohio, the new music-theater piece created by Jim Payne and Robert Elhai, based on Sherwood Anderson's classic American novel. Audiences and critics were enthusiastic, calling it "an intimate and evocative chamber opera" with "Jim Payne's deft lyrics floating on gossamer compositions by  Robert Elhai" in an "unfussy, honest production". Norah Long is "incandescent" and "expressive" and Gary Briggle is "stellar, with a tour-de-force performance." In addition, thanks to a Minnesota State Arts Board grant, we took TWISTED APPLES on tour to outstate Minnesota, including the towns of Mora, Northfield, and Albert Lea, where audiences responded equally enthusiastically!

ROUGH CUTS: We held seven Rough Cuts presentations, featuring such pieces as Rinde Eckert's MY FOOLS, Domick Argento's THE ANDREE EXPEDITION, another installment of FIDGETY FAIRY TALES, a new movement-based adaptation of EAST OF THE SUN, a new song-cycle HEALING AND HOPE THROUGH SONG, a reading of the Bakken Trio's NADIA, new works-in-progress SAM'S SON and ABRAHAM'S LAND, the devised piece FOLK BALLADS RETOLD, and more excerpts from THE LADY WITH A LAP DOG!

ARTIST DEVELOPMENT: We facilitated two Composer-Librettist Studios (one in Los Angeles and one at New Dramatists in New York, with a local version coming up here in November); we conducted another Wesley Balk Opera/Music-Theater Institute (an annual program for 39 years); we offered Performing Power master classes at the Boston Conservatory and for ArtsBridge; and we extended into the fall last year's Management Fellowship Program!

COLLABORATIONS: Artistic Director Ben Krywosz conducted consultancies with Milwaukee Opera Theater and the Fort Worth Opera's FRONTIERS Program. We also co-hosted the Saint Paul Classical Crawl, presenting performers from The Minnesota Opera, the Musical Offering, and Cerulean Fire. Our studio was visited by a choreographed version of DIE WINTEREISSE, and a special appearance by The Posies. We served as fiscal agent for the New Griots Festival, and we had great fun working with One Voice Mixed Chorus on their outdoor production of THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE on Raspberry Island!

Next year promises to bring even more excitement, as we continue with our 24th season of ROUGH CUTS in October, two local Composer-Librettist Studios, our 40th annual Wesley Balk Opera/Music-Theater Institute, and lots more creative activity as we give writers, composers, performers, and directors an opportunity to learn their craft and expand their skills, while giving audiences a new and fresh look at telling stories through music!

Of course, these kinds of exciting projects are only possible with the support of patrons such as you. We are grateful for your support in the past, and if we are to continue offering this kind of work to the Twin Cities (and beyond), we have to raise more money from arts patrons such as yourself. Good citizens appreciate the arts, but great ones are visionary enough to know that the kind of behind-the-scenes arts understructure in which Nautilus works is absolutely crucial to a healthy and creative social environment. Securing a solid financial base demonstrates fiscal responsibility on our part, and allows us the time and resources to take artistic risks by developing unusual and innovative projects. Investing in our work now will ensure that future artists will continue to develop their performance potential, and future audiences will be able to enjoy the kind of performances that have thrilled so many of you.

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