Help us build communities where individuals and families prosper.

For 49 years Model Cities has been helping individuals and families rebuild their lives.  At the core of Model Cities work and mission is to strengthen and revitalize communities.

Model Cities in partnership with Ramsey and Dakota County Community Corrections are working to improve public safety and long-term outcomes for juveniles in Ramsey and Dakota County. Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiatives (JDAI), a nationally recognized, evidence-based project has a proven track record of reducing unnecessary reliance on secure detention. Community Coaches is a collaborative made up of community-based organizations and individual contractors working together to provide a short-term referral source for probation for those youth who are at risk of a probation violation.

Over the past year, 104 youth’s lives were touched by Model Cities’ coaches, and more than 567 have been served since the inception of the program in 2009.   The program has proven effective in terms of reaching these young people.  Of the 567 served, 425 have successfully completed the program.

Prior to enrollment in the Community Coaching Program, Caesar (name changed) was involved in gang activity, sold drugs, presented with chemical dependency issues, as well as performed poorly in school. Over a 60 day term, Caesar has shown exemplary efforts while enrolled in the Community Coaching program. His accomplishments consist of maintaining employment at Perkins and at Neighborhood House throughout the summer. He also completed both sessions of summer school at the GAP Program where he received a perfect attendance award.  According to Cesar’s urinalysis test he has remained drug free and has no new charges or Probation violations. Cesar is a true success story and an ideal model of how we hope the Coaching Program can support other youth.


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