True North Woods is an association that promotes sustainably managed forests and products produced from such forests.

FSC® Certification Program. The True North Certified Forest Products Network™ is an FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Chain-of-Custody group certification program that assures consumers that the products of manufacturers, distributors, and retailers come from well managed forests. [email protected]. www.TrueNorthCertified.com

True North Woods® Certificatied Products. The brand assures consumers that the products are produced by manufactgurers in the True North Woods region or from materials that come from True North Wood's cold-forged, sustainably manged, natural forests. [email protected]. www.TrueNorthWoods.com/tnw.ashx.

Goods from the Woods®. An ‘UpNorth’ Arts & Crafts Show with highlighting the hand crafted fine art and crafts of the region's premier artisan and craftpersons. The show is held on the third Saturday each September in Grand Rapids, MN. [email protected]. www.GoodsFromTheWoods.org

Educational Programs. Workshops, webinars, and other educational programs are conducted annually to offer forest product producers, forestland owners, architects, interior designers, builders, consumers, and others access to information about Minnesota's forests, unique wood species, locally  produced products, and other issues. [email protected].  www.TrueNorthWoods.com/mweptraining.ashx.

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