The Minnesota Sharp-tailed Grouse Society (MSGS) was established in 1985 due to concern over declining sharp-tailed grouse numbers in Minnesota.  It is dedicated to the management and restoration of sharp-tailed grouse in Minnesota for hunters and non-hunters.


MSGS strives to achieve its mission by raising awareness of sharp-tailed grouse, brushland habitats and the many wildlife which use and need them, building and engaging its membership, and supporting research and habitat enhancement, restoration and protection. 


Funds raised will help sponsor events and trainings that support brushland habitat conservation, support sharp-tailed grouse and habitat research, match Conservation Partnership Legacy grants for habitat enhancement and restoration, and pay for closing costs on acquisitions that protect brushlands with Outdoor Heritage grants.  Multiple benefits to the public of clean water and air, biodiversity, and additional places for outdoor recreation are provided through these activities.


For more information about MSGS, see the MSGS website and Facebook.  

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