MNOHS celebrates 12 years of OUTSTANDING online learning!

MNOHS asked new students what we should know about them.  Here's what they told us:

I like to write and dance. I'm a good kid. I'm a positive person. I'm shy sometimes.    I'm a slow learner, but once I understand the question or problem, things would be easier for me.    I like reading, drawing, writing and i play the trumpet. i am learning to play piano. Subjects that i am good at are math and science.    I am a hard working 19 year old who is looking to buy his first home.    I want to catch up on my credits asap.    I am very outgoing, responsible and a hard worker!    I am slightly dyslexic and a teen mom.    I really like animals, so I plan on becoming a Veterinarian's Assistant.    I hope to take some classes that involve learning about animals!    I am motivated to complete high school. I want a new start.

What makes MNOHS stand out?

We make time for each student.  As a non-profit, teacher-led community school, MNOHS has invested in a very low student-teacher and student-counselor ratios. We do this so every student can get the attention he or she needs. Compare our student-teacher ratio (13:1) to the Minnesota average (16:1) or to other models of “virtual” learning (60:1, or worse).  At MNOHS we have time for each student--to learn each one’s story and help each one get where he or she wants to go!

We focus on active, connected learning.
Students graph and interpret data using spreadsheets; develop geometric proofs using The Geometer’s Sketchpad; compose music using NoteFlight; practice drawing and painting techniques; conduct chemistry experiments at home and in an online virtual lab; edit photographs using Gimp; analyze poems, novels, primary source historical documents, and musical compositions; conjugate Spanish verbs; record field observations in geology or biology; write essays; and more—and they do it all from a distance, taking advantage of special software and a virtual desktop provided by MNOHS as well as resources in their own communities.

Our student leadership program
engages students in community improvement projects.

Commendations for MNOHS!

In January 2013, MNOHS was accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (AdvancED) and received four commendations.  The accreditation review team noted that even one commendation is rare for a new candidate school, a small school or an online school—and MNOHS is all three!
  • The school exhibits strong, shared dedication from faculty and staff to the mission and vision.
  • The school exhibits exceptional commitment to help each student succeed as an individual.
  • MNOHS has worked to achieve a high level of trust, establishing a safe and caring environment for all.
  • MNOHS is fully committed to innovate and to provide resources to continuously improve.

High school created a sense of hopelessness in me.  I was looked in the eye and told I would not achieve what I wanted. That was when I realized I needed a better option. At MNOHS, I got the help and support I needed. I received valuable feedback on my photography and my writing, and that gave me hope that I could go somewhere with my passions.  I'm studying both at MSU Moorhead now and really enjoying it.  Yes, I love writing essays--and I hope to work for a magazine, traveling and taking pictures!

MNOHS.  Creative, connected, OUTSTANDING online learning for all.

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